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"An Open Letter To A Loan Officer"

Dear Loan Officer:

There are dozens of sites you can go to, plenty of emails you can subscribe to, each having their own individual style and feel.   In reality, I think you’re searching for something because you have a challenge or a frustration with the Mortgage Business you’d like to handle.

I think the challenge of not having success within the Mortgage Business, whatever that means to you, is eating away at you and keeping you from finding success that you feel you deserve.

I truly believe that each person that comes into the Mortgage Business has the ability to show off their own God Given Talents, and you are NOT the exception.

I believe that each of us has something to offer the Mortgage World, whether it be in origination, prospecting, training, or any other aspect of the business.

You might have come to this site to find that certain technique, the magic bullet if you will, or something that is magically going to fix whatever it is keeping you from getting the success you want, the success you deserve.  In other words, I believe you may be looking for that quick fix to make you able to close every deal that comes across your desk.  I think you’re hoping it’s here. 

Let me tell you a little secret, you probably already know what you need to do.  A technique or trick isn’t what you’re looking for.  You already know that secret trick, it’s within you already. 

I believe there is another reason that you’re not having the success you feel you should have. There may be something bigger that you haven’t realized what it is yet that is keeping you from doing it. 

This may be what’s keeping you from growing, from getting what you feel you should get from this business.  If you fail at being a Loan Officer, whatever that means to you, you can somehow fall back and say “I just didn’t know how.”  That will then justify why you didn’t get the success you wanted and you move on saying things like: 

“I knew this wouldn’t work for me, I’m different.” 
"That may work for others, but I’m not good on the phone.”
“That guy is a born salesman, I can’t sell.”

The fact is, all those comments are nothing more than excuses.   We’ve all said similar statements in our lives, what makes you any more different then the next guy?  Everyone has the same excuses, but not everyone has the same abilities to overcome those excuses.  What really is your reason for not being successful?

That fact is, you have to learn to change; change your thoughts, change your actions, change what you do and how you do it.

Techniques and scripts are good to have, but you need to use what is within you, right now, to make them work the way they are designed.  What you need are new thoughts to override your previous thoughts.  You need to change how you look at the Mortgage World. 

Don’t settle for excuses.  Don’t accept it for yourself.   If you’re not willing to change and do what you need to do, then why are you here?

I won’t promise you any magic pills, or secret techniques that you don’t already know.  I will promise you ideas and thoughts you may never have thought of on your own.  I won’t do this alone, there is a whole family of Loan Officers within these pages that work together, to build their own personal business.

The fact of the matter is, there is plenty of business to go around, are you willing to share what you know, learn how others do the things you already know how to do? 

I invite you to become part of and participate where and when you can.

The choice is yours. 
Do what you need to do to get YOUR business where you feel it needs to go.

I invite you to check out any of the links above and develope a whole new attitude to bring your Mortgage Business to brand new hights!

If you have any questions for RMT or the MortgageMailbag, feel free to send it anytime.  We look forward to brining your business to new heights!

Andrew Poletto
Englewood, FL

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