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This E-book Alone Will do Something
No Other Product Can Do…

*Give You the Knowledge and Assist You in Understanding and Presenting A Unique Mortgage that Your Competition Has No Clue About!

*It’s The Only Product On The Market that will take you step by step and lead you down the path that will make you become the expert on the Pay Option Arm.

*Teach You Techniques And Phrases
on how to sell the Pay Option Arm from someone who sold it hundreds of time.

*Set You Apart from almost every mortgage person out there.

*Teach You How To Speak Intelligently On The
Pay Option Arm.

Here’s Why I’m So Confident
About The Contents of
The A.R.M. Factor

Like eveyrone else, I offered the “lowest rate in town”.

I would undercut any other mortgage person around just to get the deal. I was determined to get deal at any cost!. I was closing loans, but the challenge was I wasn’t making any money! On the surface my broker fee and yield spread looked great, but after the % split I had with the company I worked for and taxes being taken out, I wasn’t left with much else. It was getting hard just paying my basic bills, let alone having a LIFE!

Ever been in that position?

I had a great idea, I decided I would concentrate on gaining referrals. I would market to my past client base, they surely liked the way I did business. That worked great until I actually got a referral from a past client. That person would shop me around looking for that lower rate. If I didn’t offer a lower rate than the other mortgage company, I wouldn’t get the deal. If I did offer the lower rate, I wouldn’t make any money! Then I was back to square one.

To top it off, if someone else beat my rate, any kind of referral business I may have gotten from the first client is now gone because I didn’t “take care of their friend.”

Ever been in that situation? It’s definitely no fun, let me tell ya.

So I set out to do something that would:

    1) Position myself in such a way people would pay me a
higher fee for my service and knowledge;

2) Make me stand out in my local mortgage industry;

    3) Take my competition out of the equation completely.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know I’ve-been-where-you’ve-been and I’ve-done-what-you’ve-done in this industry.

I Have Taught a Lot of Brokers, Just Like You,
How to be Successful Selling the Pay Option Arm,


I’ve spent hours taking them by the hand and spoon feeding them the information.

Here was the thing that set me on the path to write The A.R.M. Factor.

I started getting questions from LO’s about this product that made it clear to me they were making it WAY to hard.

So that was the key, keeping it simple enough for the basic borrower, who knows nothing about mortgages, to understand. While at the same time, make it intriguing enough to the most experienced brokers so they could become the “mortgage expert” in the borrower’s eyes. Which, as we already discussed, is how you create wealth in this industry.

The A.R.M. Factor will teach you to:

1) Command a higher broker fee

2) Set yourself apart and make you stand out.

3) Take your competition out of the equation.

All it takes is a little effort, a little time, some learning, and the right kind of material. 

You’ve come to this page for a reason, right? You’ve come here to learn how to generate more money in the mortgage business, right? Will you? Will you put forth the effort to do so?

I can hear it now, “I’ve already looked into this Pay Option Arm, it’s a difficult program to grasp. Even if I did fully understand it, it’s difficult to sell.”

I’ll tell you why it’s difficult, because you’ve never had it presented to you in an easy to understand way. I’ll teach you the way to present this so your grandmother will understand it when you’re done.

It’s as Simple as Throwing a Baseball.

I used this analogy once when I was doing a training session for a group of Loan Officers and it made perfect sense, so I’ll use it here as well.

Remember the movie “Bull Durham”? The part where the coach got really mad at the players and started yelling at them: “This is a simple game…you throw the ball; you catch the ball and you hit the ball!”

What he was saying is to keep things simple and remember the basics.

The A.R.M. Factor will keep this simple for you. Just catch the ball, throw the ball and hit the ball. That’s it!  Does that make sense? 

If you don’t keep this mortgage simple, you’ll never sell it effectively.

If you don’t catch the ball, you’ll never turn a double play. Get it?

The A.R.M. Factor is years of my experience in selling, training and being trained. It’s all right here waiting for you to take it, play with it and develop it in your own way.

This Material Alone Will Set You
Apart From The Masses

So, let’s talk about the Pay Option Arm.

  • The Pay Option Arm isn’t about rate.
  • It isn’t about payment.
  • It isn’t about “saving money per month”.
  • It isn’t about how much house you can afford.

It’s about all those things wrapped up into one simple, easy to understand, Profit-making mechanism that if you truly understand it, will make you successful in this business. 

So, if you’re like me, you’re looking for a way to separate yourself from the rest of the mortgage world. Having the lowest rate or the lowest closing cost won’t do it. There will always be someone lower than you, we’ve already talked about that process.

Having the best “customer service” won’t do it and here’ why:

Customer service is severely overrated in this business.  Here is the best customer service tip you’ll ever need.

Return calls quickly. If you have bad news, relay it quickly and get it over with. There, if you follow that tip, you’ll have better “customer service” than 75% of the people in this business.

That being said, I don’t care how good you think your customer service is, if you don’t create the persona of being the expert, your borrower will probably forget you as soon as the closing is over. Then you’ll have to start from scratch and get a new borrower to take the old one’s place. It’s a never ending battle.

Now is the Time For YOU to 
Create the Income You Deserve
From This Business.

Before we do, Let’s put this into a financial perspective for you, shall we? You can go to a seminar, listen to the speaker give you “Raw-Raw, let’s go get ‘em” speech for 3 or 4 hours, then tell you to buy his/her “Zillion Dollar Money Making System.”

That’s great, but what do you do with the clients you bring in through your front door with that system, quote them a low rate? Sure, if you want to loose any type of referral business, which is NOT the way to do the mortgage business.

The point is, you can buy all kinds of marketing systems to bring people in your front door, but that doesn’t mean they’ll give you referral business. The referral part of the transaction has to come from what you bring to the table. It has to come from your product knowledge, the ability to speak with authority, while setting your client at ease all at the same time. When you can do that, you’ll never have to worry about “having the lowest rate” again!

Oh sure, I can come in to your office and personally train you myself on how to present and sell the Pay Option Arm. You’ll just have to pay for my flight, room, meals and time. You’re talking a minimum $2500 to do this, which I’ll be happy to do for you and your office. But you can also invest in The A.R.M. Factor: The Guide to Understanding and Selling the Pay Option Arm to use as a home study course.

The A.R.M. Factor : The Guide to Understanding and Selling the Pay Option Arm is yours for only $19.97!

What! Are you kidding me! That’s it! Only $19.97?

If that price is making you hesitate, then you may need this more than ever! 

If you send out mailers, you’ll invest more in stamps then you will with this material. And what does a stamp do for you? The only thing it MIGHT do is bring you a deal. But the trick is, how do you turn that deal into several deals?

By becoming the mortgage “expert.”

Remember, these people WILL shop you around because to them, you’re just a piece of junk mail they’ve received. You have no value to them what so ever at this point. YOU NEED TO CREATE THAT VALUE for them.  

Think about it, for a fraction of what you’re paying in advertising to get new business, wouldn’t it be smart to keep that new business and have it work for you? Create that referral business?

You have never seen the Pay Option Arm presented with this kind of clarity before.

Don’t let this kind of information slip through your fingertips.

Heck, if you really think about it, you had to invest more than $19.97 in almost everything you’ve ever done in this business. You could make more than 100 times that investment on your FIRST deal! What are you waiting for?

OK, let’s recap what The A.R.M. Factor will do for you:

  • Give You the Knowledge and Assist You in Understanding and Presenting
    A Unique Mortgage That Your Competition Has No Clue About!
  • It’s the only product on the market that will take you step by step and lead you down the path that will make you become the expert on
    on the Pay Option Arm.
  • Teach you techniques and phrases on how to sell the Pay Option Arm from
    someone who sold it hundreds of times
  • Give you the knowledge that you can turn into a marketing strategy.
  • Set yourself apart from almost every mortgage person out there.
  • Teach you how to speak intelligently on the Pay Option Arm

Is that worth $19.97? Only you can decide.
So tell me, where in the world can you learn this kind of stuff?
No where that I know of. Wait, I take that back, you can get it right here!
Go ahead and go for it, I give you permission to do so.

I’m so convinced The A.R.M Factor will teach and train you the right way to understand and sell the Pay Option Arm, I’ll give you my 100%, no fooling around money back guarantee. Yup, that’s right, if after 31 days you’re not completely satisfied with The A.R.M. Factor, simply send it back and I’ll give you your investment back. No questions ask. 

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Click on the book and you’re on your way!


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