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Everyone has the "Best Of" report of something, and RMT will be no different!

The Mortgage Mailbag has been around for a LONG time, so choosing the "Best Of" was quite a chore.  After all, questions come from all over the country from countless Loan Officers.

This "Best Of" will focus on the Pay Option Arm.  Some may say the POA isn't exactly the hottest product right now.  If that's what you think, then you may need this info more than you think.  

You have to remember, the Option Arm IS A MORTGAGE PRODUCT, whether it's "hot" or not is not an issue, is it?  And you MUST understand it to sell it effectively when you are in a position to do so.

What better way to understand it than to get inside of your fellow Loan Officers' heads and see what they are asking, right?

I'll say it again, The Pay Option Arm is a mortgage product, plain and simple.  If you think it's gotten a bad rap, it's not because of the product, that case has be proven time and time again.  If it's not the product, could it be something else?  Maybe the person/people selling the product?

If the people selling it has the proper info, maybe they wouldn't have been such idiots when selling it to begin with.  So, put yourself in a position of knowledge with the Pay Option Arm. 

So, with this "Best Of" Report, he's what you'll find out… 

  • The Reason People Refinace.
  • Thinking Outside The Box About Selling The Option Arm.
  • How to Deal With an Accountant or Engineer.
  • The 5 Year Recast Myth 

As usual, RMT want to make this report as inexpensive as possible. After all, this is basic knowledge that EVERY Loan Officer should know!  So, with an investment of less than a cup of coffee from one of those fancy coffee places, you'll  have this info at your finger tips!

Now let me ask you, where can you get this kind of information for only $4.77? 

That's CRAZY!  $4.77!  

Yup, that's right!  What are you waiting for, get the knowledge that will set you apart from your competition. 


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