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Broker Objections And Mindset For Selling The Pay Option Arm

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Why Do Some Loan Officers Thrive On
Selling The Pay Option Arm
And Others Seem To
Just Blow It Off?

Is it because of the product?  Nope, that can't be because there are versions of the POA that are far better than others.  Any LO can find a version they like, so it can't be the product.

The only other thing I could come up with is the LO's themselves.  Yup, that had to be it because I can't believe an LO who wants to succeed in this business wouldn't want to give himself or herself the best possible advantage over their competition as possible, which includes gaining knowlege of a product they may or may not be selling, regardless what their thoughts on that product are.  

That led me to do research and find out what kind of questions/concerns I had gotten from LO's throughout the years regarding the POA.   Research not on "how to sell" questions, but more on the line of "I don't understand" type question/comments.

In just a bit, I'll tell you the Top 5 Broker Objections to the POA I have collected over the years and then you decide if you've ever had those same questions, concerns or objections as well.

Chances are, if you've been in this business for any length of time, you've had some resistance, or objections, to selling the Pay Option Arm to your borrowers.  

Well guess what?  Now your Objections and Concerns are finally answered.  BUT there's more to it than just a simple answer, there's also the thought process behind the answer.  To really overcome any objections, you have to understand the "why", the thought process, if you will.

If you truely understand the mindset, it will not only assist you in selling the Pay Option Arm, but it will give you a different outlook on the whole mortgage business.   With a different mindset, you will automatically put yourself at a different level than your competition, which is what we want to do to begin with, right?

You know what?  If you have no intentions of selling anyone the Pay Option Arm, wouldn't it be wise to at least be able to talk intellegently about it and have a better understanding about it just in case someone actually comes to you inquiring about it? 

Trust me, whether you want to believe it or not, the POA is a major part of our industry, and it's not going away.   If you don't want to know about it, that's fine, but don't get upset when you have a client that goes elsewhere to get their mortgage because the other mortgage person was more of an "expert" because of their knowlege and understanding of the POA.

In this business, knowlege isn't necessarily power, the power comes from UNDERSTANDING the knowlege.   Once you know and UNDERSTAND the "why", your job as being the expert to the borrower has just become easier, which in turn make selling ANY type of mortgage easier. 

Keep In Mind,
People Trust Experts More
Than They Do The Average Person. 
When You're Perceived As The "Expert",
Closing The Deal Is Much Easier

Now, remind me again, when do we get paid in this business? 
When we close the deal! 

With this Special Report,
 you will be given a totally different mindset than anything you've ever gotten before.   This goes beyond the pattened anwers on the Pay Option Arm.

Here are the Top Objections:

*Low Payment Rate vs. a Fixed Rate..........
                                               ..........Which One Is Right.

*Objections From Borrowers..........
                                               ..........Understand What The Borrowers Are Really Thinking.

*Whether The POA Is Good For The Borrower..........
                                               ..........Can Any Borrower Benefit From The POA?

*Negaive Equity..........
                                               ..........This Can Be A Great Thing!

*Index Fluctuation..........
                                               ..........Can The Low And The High Be The Same Thing?

Have you ever had any of these thoughts about the Pay Option Arm? 
What was your thought process?  Did you ever think "why would anyone get this type of mortgage?"

Were you stunned when you realized how many people actually DID get this type of mortgage?

Face it, the POA is a critical part of our industry and it's not going away.
Now is your chance to invest in some simple knowlege that could skyrocket you ahead of your competition.  

Your way of thinking will not only be changed with the Pay Option Arm, but for the mortgage industry in general.  

I won't get into a long description on why you should invest in this Special Report, but I will say this...

...what would you pay for something that could possibly change your business forever?

I'm not talking about a 2 day seminar where you go hear "Rah! Rah!" for a day and a half and then get a sales pitch to buy Super-Duper-Top-Secret-Mortgage-Thingy for several hundred bucks!  

I'm talking about something you can read at your desk over your lunch break.  Keep it handy for a reference guide.  Adapt the mindsets to your own business situation.  Understand it the way YOU want to!

Let Me Get To It,  
For The Cost Of A Burger, Fries And Drink, 
Your Total Business Can Change. 

Yup, this Special Report is being offered for, are you ready for this...... $7 !

Yup, you read that right, it wasn't a typo.  You can literally change your business for only $7!

Why $7?..........Why not $7? 

At this point, I won't get into any big type of sales pitch, no "Rah! Rah!" stuff.  Only you know what you're looking for.  This may be it!  Don't miss your chance.

I will tell you this, the $7 price tag may not be offered for long.   Just as rates change in our business, prices may change as well.

If $7 bucks is going to break you, then you may want to look at how you're generating income and CHANGE IT! 

Cut out the biggie fries for a couple of days and make that change happen!

So, what are you waiting for, do this now!

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