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The surface of the business is they same for everyone. Borrowers have a piece of property and mortgage people have the money. Once the two come together a deal is made. Pretty simple stuff. So simple that money is over-flowing within this industry and if you’re not making any, you had better figure out how because I’ll promise you, there are hundreds of brokers out there doing so, even in this current market.

Ever been in a position where you’re competing with someone over 1/8 th% on an interest rate? On a $200k loan size, do you know what the payment difference is? I’ll tell you, it’s about $16 per month.

Your borrower will fire you over $16 a month, without hesitation and never even remember your name! What do I mean by “fire you”? They’ll take their deal to someone who offers them the lower rate, and you’ll never even be a thought in their mind!

You may be thinking “Come on Andrew, “fire you” is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?”

Nope, I don’t think so at all. When you get fired, what happens? You’re income goes away; your bills start piling up; you feel down and out; you now have to start back at the bottom to work your way up. Basically, nothing good comes from it.

Same thing happens when you lose a deal to someone who has a “lower rate” than you. You’re income goes away; you’re bills start piling up; you feel down and out; you now have to start back at the bottom. So, in essence, YOU GOT FIRED!

If your income goes away, you start feeling pressured to do something that will produce the income you lost in the first place. You want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you again, right?

In other words, you don’t want to get Fired on another deal, right?

So, you’re determined to not get fired again, so what do you do?

You’ll offer a lower rate to your borrowers. You’ll show everyone you have the lowest rates around. No one will beat your rate! (Oh, by the way, I know you’ve done this because I’VE DONE IT ALSO!)

Will the having the lowest rate thing really solve your problem? Is it worth it? How low of a rate can you quote? How low of a rate will your competition quote?
When will it stop?

Is that really how you want to run your business?

Do you want to rely on the lenders’ rate sheets, which you have NO CONTROL over, to dictate how you run your business? What happens when rates climb? You have just lost the side of your business that you’ve been bragging about, the “lowest rate” side.

Which, as we know, is the only thing you have going for you in the first place!

Now what happens? You’ll have to start all over, develop a different
business strategy, and hopefully develop some sort of
client base….all from scratch…..AGAIN!

You Need to Develop a Style, a Way to Separate Yourself From Your Competition and
Provide Your Client’s with Something
They Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

What happens when you set yourself apart from your competition? You start to get noticed. And in this industry, when you get noticed, you had better give people a reason to notice you in a good way.

If you get noticed in a good way, people will actually be more than happy to pay you a higher commission for your services, especially if you can show them how they can benefit from using you instead of someone else!

Keep in mind you’re dealing with people’s money in this business. The people with the kind of money I’m talking about won’t just give it up to someone who can quote them an interest rate and write a monthly payment figure on a piece of paper. That person has to have AT LEAST a basic understanding of what is going on with the mortgage program they are offering.

Let me ask you this, if you could sit down with Donald Trump, would you be able to intelligently speak beyond a rate quote and a monthly payment?

If you can’t, you should ask yourself why that is?  

Better yet, why would Mr. Trump want to business with you?

If you choose to, you can make a lot of money in this business. People will always live in houses and they need someone to help them with the financing.

Is that someone you? This is a HUGE industry, the financial pie within it is a big one. How big of a piece do you want? What will you do to get it? You can either keep doing what you’re doing, which is probably the same as everyone else, or you can gain the knowledge and training from someone who’s already been down that road and figured out a different way to get it done.
And believe me, that pie is mighty tasty!

The Pay Option Arm is a
Mortgage Product Your Competition has

Very few mortgage people have the knowledge, let alone the skill, to understand and sell this effectively. The Pay Option Arm is the most misunderstood and misrepresented product in the mortgage industry.

How do I know this? Because I’ve studied it, I’ve sold it, I’ve trained others to do the same. Now I’ll do the same for you with 
All kinds of Sales Information, Techniques and Strategies

about the Pay Option Arm.  

Here is what you have access to (you can click on as many as you like to get info)

    *The ARM Factor: The Guide To Understanding And Selling The Pay Option Arm

    *7 Tips To Selling The Pay Option Arm

    *Broker Objections And Mindsets Towards The Pay Option Arm

    *"Best Of" Report:  Option Arm Version

If you want your business to above others in your industry, do something they are NOT willing to do.  Learn about the Pay Option Arm.    Click on one of the above links and go for it!

The ARM Factor

7 Tips For Selling The POA

Objections and Mindsets

"Best Of"
Option Arm Version