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Testimonial from a Real Live Honest To Goodness Person.......really.
His Story and Transformation are Truly Unbelievable!

When I was asked to write this testimonial, I jumped at the chance!  I can’t thank enough, the folks here literally turned my life around. (you can see what I mean when you check out my pictures below)

Let me explain…

When I got in the mortgage business and became a loan officer, things were a breeze.  The phones were literally ringing off the hook.  This business was easy to make money.  EVERYONE was doing it.  The market was great, people were lined up outside my company’s door waiting to come in to refinance.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make money.  All I had to do was have them sign a 1003 and then I would yell…”NEXT!”   Like everyone else, I was making $50k a month with NO ADVERTISING EXPENSE!  
This mortgage business was it!  A freakin’ gold mine!  Life was great, so much so that I started singing this song every day.  (it’s from MAD Magazine)…

It's a great big, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, super-spectacular day
And your heart is humming with good times coming
And you got that happy feeling things are going your way
All the bells are ringing and a little bird's singing while he sits on your windowsill
Singing yessiree, I can surely see, it will plainly be, most definitely
A super-spectacular day!

Then, my super-spectacular day ended.  The markets changed, the Underwriters changed, the commission structure changed and my $50k changed….all for the worse.   I wasn’t smart and didn’t save for a rainy day.  I invested in bank stocks, mostly options.  That didn’t work out.  I literally lost it all.  *sigh*

I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know how to advertise, I didn’t know how to talk to borrowers, I didn’t know how to sell anything.  All I did was take orders over the phone.  Now, I was getting questions asked of me and I didn’t know how to answer.  Heck, all I knew was the answer to "What's Your Rate?"

Then I remembered something.  I remember I subscribed to The Mortgage Mailbag from, but I never read them.  They just came in my email and I just deleted them.  I decided to start reading them.  THEY WERE GREAT! 

Is this what I was missing all this time?!! 
These amazing emails by that World Class Writer AndrewP!? 

I figure he must be a god amongst men.  So Eloquent, so Masterful, so Superb, so Inspiring, he was GREAT!   I took his Inner Game suggestions and applied them not only to my business, but to my life.  

I developed confidence not only in my business, but also in myself.  I started gaining the courage to do something for myself, I joined a gym.  I started to see a progression in my business and my physique!  They grew at the same time, almost like an eerie parallel progression.   Now I’m happy to say that both me and my business are amazingly pumped up to world class size.   My office followed suit with what I achieved and we had T-Shirts printed up; “My Mortgage Business Can Beat Up Your Mortgage Business!”  A new attitude, a new business, and a new physique, life was once again super-spectacular.

My office and I owe it all to and The Mortgage Mailbag.  I encourage everyone to go out there and get pumped up with them!

And now, as promised, here are my before and after pictures.

               Before Using RMT Training                        After Using RMT Training

Again, thanks, I owe everything to you!  I encourage everyone to be like me and follow what AndrewP teaches!

RMT is the best!
"DogPatch, USA"

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